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Unable to see all your entries

Q. Who has access to an entry in

A. To have access to an entry you must be directly connected with the entry. This means you must be the Rider, Owner or Trainer for the Entry. There are two other people that can access an entry in certain circumstances. 1) Responsible Party - This is the person designated as responsible for the bill of the entry when this person is different from the Owner. 2) Prize Money Recipient - By default the prize money recipient is the Owner. This can be set as a different person and in this case that person also has access to the entry.

Question about billing item or fee

Q. How Do I Pay My Bill?

A. To access an entry on you need to be connected with the entry as Owner, Rider or Trainer. If you are then you should see your entries for each week under the "My Entries" section. So long as you see the entries there you can check out those entries online. Simply login to ShowGroundsLive and click the Checkout tab in the upper area of the page. Clicking the entry number will reveal the details of each entry.

Mis-spelled or incorrect information on entry

Q. How to delete old horses,owners and riders

A. Thanks for your email. We are actually working on that in the next week or so. Our first change is going to be to limit the date range of entries that we use to provide those "Quick Pick" lists to the past 12 months, currently it finds for instance ANY horse for all time that you have been associated with. We will later add feature to let you manage these lists in a more granular way. I don't expect that will be available until later in WEF 2011. Thanks Wes

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